Photo restotation

Flight Sergeant Bernie Harris is a World War II RAF veteran of No. 622 Squadron and was formed at Mildenhall, Suffolk and was a rear gunner.

He had pictures of him and his crew from the war that we restored, coloured, enlarged and framed.

Brief history

Equipped originally with Stirlings, it was re-equipped with Lancasters in December 1943/January 1944. One of its Lancasters topped the century mark on operations; this was LL885 “J-Jig”, a Mark I, which between 3Oth/3lst March 1944 (when it made its first operation-against Nuremberg) and 22nd April 1945 (when it finished with a sortie against Bremen) flew 113 operational sorties.

After finishing its offensive the squadron dropped food supplies to the starving Dutch people, ferried British ex-POWs home from the Continent, and British troops home from Italy.