Traffolyte Tags & Labels - Promote Workplace Safety

Successful companies’ value healthy, sanitary workplaces. Although sometimes not the focus of widespread media attention, rigid plastic tags made from traffolyte perform an important role in helping businesses promote safer industrial environments.

Traffolyte in Industry

Traffolyte as a strong plastic material that functions well in a variety of settings. It originated originated in Manchester in 1927, Metropolitan-Vickers Electrical Limited required a suitable substance to use for transformer labels. The company began using durable plastic. The favourable reputation of its "traffolyte" tags grew in popularity over the years. 


Consult A Penguin currently engraves traffolyte labels with important health & safety information for customers. We custom design these tags for businesses around the world. 

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Traffolyte offers the perfect alternative to metal tags in certain industrial settings. Plastic won't transmit an electrical charge as readily as metal. If employees or emergency responders must access manufacturing environments containing high voltage cables and machinery, traffolyte provides a very useful surface to carry important warnings and descriptive information. Using this material helps prevent people in the vicinity from accidentally coming into contact with high voltages.


The Traffolyte Advantage

One distinct advantage of traffolyte relates to the ability of this form of rigid plastic to retain engraved messages. Labels composed of this material won't crumple or bend easily. 


When you utilize traffolyte to display an engraved message, you gain the assurance that the tag or label will likely remain visible and easily read for a long period of time.

Traffolyte also provides customers with another distinct advantage: this type of strong plastic retains colours well. You can use engraved coloured Traffolyte tags to attract attention, reducing the possibility of industrial accidents. For instance, if you need to distinguish a high voltage wire on your company's property, you'll want to employ an eye-catching label. The vivid red, white, black or yellow Traffolyte tags employed by Consult A Penguin stand out clearly. If these tags prevent even a single accident at one of your facilities, they will surely justify the small cost involved in purchasing high quality traffolyte tags.

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These tags alert people to the dangers of hot water, high voltages, and other hazards very clearly. Call 07960 31480 or email today for more information about these useful, cost-effective durable plastic labels.